Wednesday 12th November 2014

Hand on heart, this was the best money I’ve spent on my business since we started out over 5 years ago.

Im just a person who has a passion for my particular line of work, striving to make it special, exciting, quality and different. All this takes a lot of hard work and ultimatley, if you have got the endurance, you have the seed of a business. But then you need to make it grow and evolve.

Being so hands on, I’ve always wanted to do everything myself, and I mean everything. But one thing I have learnt over the past year is that if you want to stand out and compete with other companies, you have to accept help.

I always knew this help wasn’t free but I also know that although I had done an ‘OK’ job with my current brand and business development, I basically knew nothing in terms of taking the next step. The leap from being a good business on the inside, to looking like an amazing buiness on the outside.

And that is exactly what Andrew has done for me. He has helped me look at what I do, where I want to go, everything that makes my business personal to me. The reasons why I do it, what I’m all about and where we are heading. Through his professionalism, he has extracted all the great bits of who we are and built an unbelievable brand and image that now makes me proud every time I look at my logo or talk to a client. To give a practical example; I’ve always wanted some amazing stencils for all sorts of applications. All I have to do is send over the file with all my correlated artwork that Andrew puts into a brand bible and there is no more painful discussions and ‘too-ing and fro-ing’. That’s just one small example of how everything has just been made so easy and real.

It’s like years of hard work have come together and I now totally understand what we are all about. I can now communicate this clearly to my clients or even just the guy in pub over a conversation who wants to know more. Afterall, every conversation could be job at some point.

Everyone is behind it. Like some one said to me recently, ‘it’s so important to let the professionals help you’. If you ever get the feeling that you wish you could change ssomething or your not happy with something that relates directly to your business and it’s growth, you know its time to take that step back and accept that you just can’t do everything.

Being a Yorkshire man, parting with hard earned money isnt easy. Hand on heart, this was the best money I’ve spent on my business since we started out over 5 years ago. I’d personally be happy to talk to any future prospects of Andrews to explain how he has helped The Hog & Apple Food Co. and how he could do the same for you.

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